Kids Clock : An Animated Visual Sleep Trainer for Children bedtime

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Kids Clock : An animated Visual Sleep Trainer for Children to help keep them in their beds during bedtime at night, also doubles as a great Nightlight!. – The solution to children who rise too early and don’t get enough rest!

Help your young child sleep better at nights with this training clock.  Set a bed time and a wake time, and this app will display an image of the night sky or day sky.  Tell your child if he or she sees a picture of the night sky, it’s still time to sleep.  When the day sky appears though, it’s time to wake up!

You can also personalize the app by choosing your own pictures that are familiar to your child for both night time and day time images.

A nap mode is also included.  Specify a preset nap duration and activate it anytime during the day.  Clouds will appear, signifying it’s nap time…and will move away when nap time is over.


Controlling the images presented to your child:

There are 3 “modes” that control the images that are displayed to your child:

Animated Image
Constant Image
User-selected Image

To switch between the different modes, swipe left or right.  Each mode will present a day time sky and a night time sky so your child will know when to keep sleeping or when to rise.

For the Animated Image and Constant Image modes, there are 2 different sets of images that can be used: realistic and playful.  For example, you can choose to use the Animated Image with a playful sun image or a realistic sun image as the day time sky.  The playful images have a friendly smiling sun or moon.

In the Animated mode, the sun and the moon will arc across the sky as time passes.  The speed of movement will depend on the bed time or wake time duration.  Wispy clouds will also move across the day time sky while stars will twinkle in the night time sky.

In the User-selected mode, images from your camera roll can be used.  You can specify individual images for day time and night time.  To use your own images, first go to Settings.  Then click on the image link next to the Day Image and Night Image settings.  If no image has been selected, a red X will be displayed.

Setting bed and wake times:

From any mode, tap the Settings button to display the Settings page.  If the Settings button is not visibile, you may have the “Screen Lock” setting enabled.  To make the Settings button appear, tap on each corner of the screen.

Once you are in the Settings page, specify a time for your child to go to sleep and a time for your child to wake up.  This will control when the day time vs. night time image is displayed on your device.

Nap mode

This mode provides you with the ability to quickly enter nap time for your child.  To use this mode, first specify a nap duration on the Settings page.  To activate this mode, select the Nap button on any day time image.  Clouds will appear and will move away when nap time is over.

Preventing accidental Settings changes

If you’re giving your device to your child but want to prevent him or her from changing any settings (such as Wake and Sleep Times), you can hide the Settings and Nap buttons until you use a special gesture.  To prevent the Settings button from displaying, turn the “Screen Lock” setting on.  This option is in the Settings page.

Now, when the night time or day time image is displayed, you’ll notice the Settings and Nap buttons are hidden.  To show them, tap on each corner of the screen.