Santa’s Present Drop : Help Santa and Rudolph fly around and deliver gifts through the snow and city on a Merry Christmas Eve



Just in time for Christmas and the holiday season!! Santa’s Present Drop is the latest addictive FREE game for everyone.

Santa Claus is tired but he still must deliver all of those presents in one night. Help him throw children’s gifts out of his sleigh and into the chimneys of homes around the world. Kids will be able to wake up Christmas morning to presents around their xmas tree.

Help Santa by controlling his sleigh and dropping the presents. Earn points for each gift delivered. But watch out! Santa has to share the sky with planes. If you hit one he will crash.

Earning more points will advance you to higher levels.

Be careful though – higher levels will bring more planes and more snow so Santa will need your help even more. And don’t let Santa fly into any chimneys!

- Santa’s Present Drop has no gameplay limits! The longer you are flying and delivering gifts, the higher the level your level.
- Full Game Center Support, so challenge your friends or share your scores as well as earn Achievements!
- Retro style 8 bit graphics
- Retro style game humor, see game over screen for funny comments about your Christmas Delivery mishaps.


- Tap screen to keep Santa and his reindeer in the air.
- Swipe down on screen to drop gifts. Make sure you aim so they’ll drop into the chimneys.



App Graphics Design

Spencer Lee Curtis

App sound effects

Various sounds provided by,,